Dewsbury - Crane Barge

Work Boat with Deck Crane
CDMS SSE Ltd has recently completed a full re-fit and total refurbishment of their 50 ft workboat with deck crane. The barge has been fitted with hydraulic spud legs to stabilize and assist support the deck cranes operation during heavy lifts. This craft has a very shallow draft of 0.8m allowing it to operate in shallow water conditions often in inaccessible locations. The vessel is fully road transportable making it a very versatile piece of equipment indeed. The news of this has spread creating an extensive and diverse programme of comprehensive projects for CDMS SSE Ltd for 2016.

Hydraulic Operated Spud Legs
There are two hydraulic operated spud legs on each side for extended stability when carrying out lifting operations.

Clam Shell Bucket
A Clam Shell Bucket for the clearance of trees in the water course, dredging and debris clearance makes this piece of equipment very versatile.

Man Basket
The man basket is included in the work boats arsenal of attachments, this can hold two operatives safely with the necessary equipment to complete the task.

The Ideal Solution
Our Work Boat with Deck Crane is ideally suited for marine salvage operations, heavy lifting, dive support, pipe laying,  pile driving, and inland marine construction.

Brick Grab
The deck crane has an ability to multi-task. With the large arsenal of different attachments to complete any task required.