CDMS SSE LTD carries in stock over 350 tonnes of lifting bags. Our Commercial Divers teams have experience with all procedures of recovering a stricken vessel in fresh water rivers, estuaries, canals and at sea. Each project requires specific planning to eliminate the opposing obstacles inherent with this kind of work, before any progression with raising of a vessel can begin.

Environmental Safety

Environmental Safeguards
The photograph above shows the extent of fuel that is lost, and the effectiveness of the boom has to encompass contaminants. Without this, in place, the marine environment would be greatly affected.

CDMS Sub Surface Engineering Limited

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Our diverse and experienced teams of Commercial Divers enables CDMS Sub-Surface Engineering
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within the Civil Engineering Industry.

Flood Damage

Flood Damage
Rapid response is often called for particularly in situations where people have lost their homes due to the rising water levels in the inner city water course.

Accidents on the Canal

Canal Accidents
A lock on the canal network can be a dangerous place, particularly if you are new to traveling the canal systems of the UK. Accidents are quite common, particularly during the holiday season.

Lifting Bags

Lifting Capacity
CDMS SSE LTD carries a wide range of lifting bags for salvage operation from 50kg to 35,000kg.

Wreck Bebris

Abandoned Vessels
The water ways of the UK are littered with old and abandoned vessels of different configurations and sizes.

Abandoned Vessels

Clearing the Watercourse
Abandoned vessels are a continuous annoyance to river authorities who regularly require CDMS SSE Ltd to remove these obstructions from the various rivers and canals throughout the UK.

Fire Damaged Vessels

Fire Damage
Vessels that have caught fire and sunk on our inner city river systems are also required to be salvaged and moved from the water course.

Preservation of Vessels for Inspection
In these situations vessels can be possible crime scenes and need to be handled carefully to eliminate disturbing any evidence for further evaluation of arson or electrical fault.